Looking back on 2019

As we approach year-end at the Conservancy we reflect on the successes of 2019 and prepare for what’s to come in 2020. It has been a busy and fruitful year for our parks and we are proud of our accomplishments. In addition to maintaining and caring for 25 public parks and hosting community programming and events throughout the year, we have been fortunate to embark on several notable renovation/capital improvement projects that are inspiring people to connect with their parks everyday, including Corrine Jones Community Garden, Moultrie Playground, St. Julian Devine, and the Rose Pavilion in Hampton Park.

It is certainly not lost on us that without the generous time, treasure and talent of our supporters none of this work would be possible. From harvesting community gardens, to weeding and planting garden beds, to gracious donations and sponsorships for our work, your support is what inspires us and enables us to achieve our vision. Together we are making our community a stronger, more vibrant place where everyone can thrive. Thank you!

December in the parks is a time for cutting back, making room for growth and planning for new things. Inside the office, we are doing much of the same as we strategize for success in 2020. Each year, our work and impact are directly linked to our community support and we need your help to hit the ground running in January.

Please make a gift today to help us sustain our thriving green spaces, making Charleston a better place for everyone, one park at a time! Click here to __[support your parks](https://www.charlestonparksconservancy.org/donate-detail/general-donate-form)__.

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