Looking at an Urban Farm

If we had driven by this site a year and a half earlier, none of this would have been here. On a recent trip to look at the Delaware Center for Horticulture in Wilmington, Delaware, we had an opportunity to walk among the vegetables and herbs in Wilmington’s first urban farm. It is the neighborhood gathering place at 12th and Brandywine to talk about the day’s activities, share gardening advice and find out what’s new in the neighborhood.

The garden evolved from a group forming called the Wilmington Urban Farm Coalition. Made up of a diverse group of local farmers, community members, nonprofit professionals and goverment officials, the group’s vision was pretty straight forward. They were looking to create a model for teaching low-income residents about raising and selling healthy food in their own neighborhoods. According to an article in The Gardener, Delaware Center for Horticulture, Fall 2009, “More than 50 volunteers built 19 raised beds and filled them with rich topsoil and compost.” What we saw in these beds was an abundance of green and vegetables that were at least three weeks behind our Charleston gardens.

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