Logan Street Triangle Plant List

Planted April 27, 2013


Rosa x Knockout ‘Radcon’ – Pink Knockout Rose

Hardy shrub rose with flushes from April until first frost. Hard winter prune required in February and a light summer prune in June. Like full sun and well-drained soil. Mostly disease free, some aphid problems.


Salvia leucantha ‘Bicolor’ – Mexican Sage

Upright, everflowering Salvia. Long rich purple and white spikes of flowers from Spring until frost. Full sun.


Callistemon viminalis ‘Red Cluster’ – Red Cluster Bottlebrush

Evergreen small tree with bright red flowers resembling a bottlebrush in spring into summer. Likes full sun.


Cercis reinformis ‘Oklahoma’ – Redbud

Deciduous tree which typically grows to 12-18′ tall. Clusters of tiny pink-red flowers that bloom on branches in early Spring before the foliage emerges. Leaves open soft pink but gradually mature to a glossy rich green. Round shape, likes sun. Nice Fall color.


Prunus x yedoensis – Yoshino Cherry

Ornamental flowering cherry. Pink and white blooms in March and into April. Likes full sun to part shade.


Lantana- Purple Trailing Lantana

Low growing shrub with rich green, scented foliage and borne with may purple clusters of flowers Spring through Fall. Likes full sun.


Lagerstroemia – Dwarf Crape Myrtle

 Dwarf variety, deciduous shrub with purple flowers in July. Good fall color. Likes full sun.


Serenoa repens ‘Cinerea’ – Silversaw Palmetto

Small, sprawling palm with blue/silver palmate leaves and sawtooth stems. Likes full sun.


Rosmarinus officinalis – Rosemary

Woody perennial herb with fragrant, evergreen foliage. Great drought-tolerant, texture rich plant. Long bloom periods in warm climates with blue/purple flowers.


Delosperma cooperi– Trailing Ice Plant

Succulent groundcover. Full of bright pink flowers summer into fall. Likes full sun and dry conditions.


Abelia x Rose Creek – Rose Creek Abelia

Evergreen shrub with moderate growth rate. Relatively low maintenance once established. Grow 2-3 feet tall. Long bloom season, white/blush flowers on crimson stems with rich green leaves. Like partial to full sun.


Callicarpa americana – American Beautyberry

Deciduous, woody shrub. Like full sun to part shade, more fruit set in full sun. Not salt tolerant. Rich magenta berries in late summer and through fall, remaining on bare stems after leaves drop. Low maintenance plant that attracts birds.


Trachelospermum asiaticum – Asiatic Jasmine

Evergreen groundcover, very tough.


Tulbaghia violacea – Society Garlic

Herbaceous perennial bulb bearing purple flowers, full sun.


Agapanthus africanus ‘Ella Mae’ – Lily of the Nile

Herbaceous bulb, flowers in summer with purple/blue blooms atop 3 foot tall stalks. Likes full sun to part shade.


Cuphea micropetala – Cigar Plant

Tropical perennial evergreen shrub. Grows to 4-5 feet tall. Small, orange/red tubular flowers in summer and fall with small purple/black tips, resembling a lit cigar. Like full sun.


Ruellia elegans – Elegant Ruellia

Rich green flowers and bright red flowers spring through fall. Likes full sun to part shade.


Leucophyllum frutescens – Texas Sage

Evergreen shrub with silver to white leaves. Purple flowers summer to fall. Drough tolerant. 5 to 6 feet tall, likes full sun.


Itea virginica ‘Henry’s Garnet’ – Virginia Sweetspire

Semi-evergreen shrub with showy, fragrant white flowers from summer to fall. 3 to 4 feet tall, likes full sun to part shade. Garnet fall color.


Viburnum tinus ‘Spring Bouquet’ – Spring Bouquet Viburnum

Evergreen shrub with green foliage and red stems. Compact growth habit. Pink buds in winter open to clusters of white flowers. Grows 6-8 feet tall. Likes a mix of sun and shade.

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