Kids Benefit from Time Outside

We have really expanded our children’s programming for the fall and into 2012. We’ll be focusing on gardening, nature and appreciating the great outdoors – no video games allowed!

Too many children spend way too much time inside and glued to the television, computer, cell phone or some other screen. By getting our kids out into the parks and learning about the world around them we can create environmentally responsible and nature-minded adults.

This article outlines the data on why teaching kids about nature is so important. Even though the dates are a few years old, the information rings true: connecting with nature helps children with ADHD symptoms concentrate better; helps children score higher on concentration and self-discipline tests; improves motor skills such as coordination and balance; and fosters more imaginative and creative play.

“Children are smarter, more cooperative, happier and healthier when they have frequent and varied opportunities for free and unstructured play in the outdoors,” says Cheryl Charles, president of the Children & Nature Network.

Sounds good to us.

Check out our calendar for details on upcoming events. If you have ideas for programming or would like to get involved, contact education coordinator Mary Horton at or 843-724-5003.

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