Keep it Safe on the Playground

From Brittlebank Park to Hazel Parker Playground, our kids have plenty of great places to run, swing and slide. And parents love playgrounds because the kids are entertained and more likely to nap or play quietly later in the day. It’s a win-win.

Yet for all their fun, accidents can happen. Parents and caregivers need to keep a close eye on their young ones and ensure they use equipment properly.

Here are few safety tips from the National Program for Playground Safety:
– Supervise children at all times so you can watch for potential hazards and quickly intervene.
– Make sure children don’t have loose strings on their clothing or untied shoe laces that can become tangled in equipment.
– If the playground is equipped with age-appropriate areas, keep your children in their respective areas.
– Pick a playground that has safety measures in place. About 70 percent of playground injuries are related to falls, so select a playground with appropriate surfaces, such as mulch, sand or rubber mats. Avoid playgrounds with concrete, asphalt or rock surfaces.

Also, check out “The Dirty Dozen – A Checklist for Safe Playgrounds,” a list of the 12 leading causes of playground injuries put together by the National Playground Safety Institute.

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