June 2019 Park Angels of the Month: Clemson Architecture Center Students

The new community garden pavilion at Corrine Jones Park is officially open! The pavilion was made possible thanks to the hard-working students from the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston’s design-build studio class who saw the project through from initial concept to final build.

The students are led by David Pastre, senior lecturer and director of the Architecture and Community Build Program. “The graduate certificate program teaches students how to be socially conscious architects by understanding the impact of building in their community,” said Pastre.

The collaboration between the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston and The Conservancy marked the fifth park project and the third class that will complete design and construction of a garden pavilion, with the first at Magnolia Park and Community Garden in 2013.

The students broke ground on March 28th and completed the community garden pavilion in just five weeks. The architecture center students began their work in January of 2019. The students first worked individually and then in teams to create several designs for the pavilion. All of the proposed designs created shaded community gathering spaces, areas for storing garden tools, harvesting crops, and a rainwater collection system. Once the final design was decided the entire class worked as a team to bring the design to life. Students were out at the construction site at Corrine Jones Park on average five days a week for five weeks assembling the structure.

“I’m really proud of how they collaborated on this project. They all individually had grand ideas for the pavilion, but they were able to get down to the fine details and work for the collective good to make this project possible,” said Pastre. “It’s not a typical pavilion, but it’s not brazen. It sits peacefully amongst the backdrop of Corrine Jones Park.”

The opening on May 2nd was a celebration with all of the students and staff from the Clemson Architecture Center and members of the Charleston Parks Conservancy who help make the construction possible. The pavilion includes plenty of shaded seating, garden storage, and a roof and gutter system designed for rainwater collection.

The Conservancy would like to personally thank all twelve of the Clemson Architecture Center students including:

– Audrey Hesson
– Kelly Umutoni
– Roberto Diaz
– Hawraa Charara
– John Murden
– Nicole Coker
– Taylor Bissert
– Aaron Green
– Cameron Foster
– Ryan Massengill
– Megan Gotsch
– Phil Riazzi

The pavilion marks the first major step towards completing the Corrine Jones Community Garden Renovation. Corrine Jones Park, the site of our fourth community garden, will also include 60 garden beds for lease and 12 community beds which will provide produce to local food pantries.

The Charleston Parks Conservancy has received a total of $25,000 in grant funds for the creation of a community garden at Corrine Jones Park.

Through a partnership with Keep Charleston Beautiful, the Conservancy was awarded a $20,000 grant as part of the 2018 Keep America Beautiful/Lowe’s Community Partners Grant Program, the nonprofit Conservancy will build a fourth community garden. The Conservancy also received a $5,000 grant from Publix Super Markets Charities for the Community Garden Program. The Conservancy plans to raise an additional $50,000 in private funds to complete the project. The community is invited to make a donation at __[here](https://www.charlestonparksconservancy.org/donate-detail/general-donate-form)__.

To read more from the Clemson Architecture Community Build click __[here](https://caccstudiov.com/blog/)__.

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