June 2018 Park of the Month: McMahon Playground

It’s that time of year again. When it’s hot all day and the kids love to play. Never fear as we have the perfect playground for keeping your kids cool and happy. Our newest revitalized playground, McMahon Playground at Hampton Park, features updated playground equipment that provides ample shade for all kids at play. The park also includes new benches and plenty of tree cover for parents.

To further help you and your little ones in the long days of summer, we asked our Park Angel moms and dads from the Parks & Pacies playgroup to share some of their most helpful tips for keeping your kids happy all summer long on the playground.

I always bring a ball on our trips to the playground because nothing brings random toddlers together like a good game of “kick the ball.” Don’t forget snacks, water, bug spray, and sunscreen!”

__Abby Lesslie, mother of two. __

“Having a well-stocked bag including bug spray, sunscreen, plenty of snacks, hand wipes, ball, and blanket keeps the kids enjoying the outdoors for longer.

Also, playdates are pretty important. I find that my kids will play much longer if they have a pal to explore with. “

__Kimberly Hobbs, mother of three. __

“In the hot Charleston summer, you should get an early start or go after dinner. Be sure the check the equipment to see if it is hot to the touch, some stuff especially slides and swings can get hot enough to burn. We seek out parks with shade, like McMahon Playground downtown near Hampton Park.”

__Neves Richards, mother of three. __

I try to let my kids explore and try things on their own to build confidence. They tend to have more fun and meet friends better when I step aside and supervise from the sidelines. They might be hesitant and clingy at first but then their instinct to play takes over.”

__Marion Neely, mother of three. __

Parks and Pacies is a weekly activity hosted by the Charleston Parks Conservancy which brings parents and their children together at some of Charleston’s best playgrounds. Starting September 5th through October 3rd, you are invited to meet like-minded moms and dads and try out some of the city’s best playgrounds with the Park Angels. Tell your friends and meet Parks & Pacies at your next favorite playground.

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