January 2020 Park Angels of the Month: Light the Lake Committee

Last month, The Conservancy hosted its annual holiday event, “Light the Lake” in downtown Charleston. This seasonal favorite event saw our largest attendance yet, and included a wide variety of activities such as holiday cookie decorating, a festive photo booth area, letters to Santa, a snowball fight game, and more. The planning and execution of this event was made possible with the help of our dedicated Light the Lake Committee members who donated their time and resources to transform Colonial Lake into a magical, holiday wonderland.

The Light the Lake Committee consists of 11 dedicated Park Angels who have been meeting since July 2019 to create this family fun event. The committee donated almost 100 hours of volunteer time to ensure this event was wonderful success.

With gratitude, we asked the Light the Lake committee to share their stories and reasoning for giving back during the holiday season.

“I decided to join the Light the Lake Committee because it’s one of my favorite events. It gets me in the Christmas spirit! I like that it’s such a family event, and I love filling the luminary bags with the group. It’s always a relaxed atmosphere and a joy to participate in such a team effort!*” __- Mari Barrett __

*”I volunteered for Light the Lake because it is such a beautiful evening at Colonial Lake and a fun time for the whole family, even for our four-legged friends. It just keeps getting better every year.” -* __Fran Hummel __

*“Because I don’t have family in Charleston, I look for opportunities outside of my home that put me in the holiday spirit. Nothing does that better than working with the creative and dedicated Park Angels. My favorite part of Light the Lake is experiencing the lake transform into a magical place that generates excitement for everyone, not just the kids. It’s a joyous event! – *__Susan Kraybill __

*”Being new to Charleston and a resident of downtown, I wanted to help my community and meet my neighbors at the same time. Since arriving in Charleston earlier this year from Scottsdale, AZ, I have never felt more at home than I do now. I loved participating in this event and being part of a wonderful Charleston tradition.” -* __Kim Bateman __

Thank you to our entire Light the Lake committee:
– Sam Olivier
– Mari Barrett
– Fran Hummel
– Michael Master
– Laurie Hull
– Debbie Austin
– Laura Dubato
– Susan Kraybill
– Marlene Rotter
– Kim Bateman
– Sarah Hubal

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