Why are friends like you pledging to give to their parks on Lowcountry Giving Day?
Here are 7 reasons why…
1. Because parks bring you and your neighbors together! Take Allan Park for example: this park had fallen into disrepair and recently was a sparse, under-used space in the middle of Hampton Park Terrace. Then neighbors, the City, and the Charleston Park Conservancy teamed up in 2010. Now Allan Park is a gorgeous, well used, and well loved venue for jazz concerts and block parties or just spending some leisure time with neighbors.
2. Because when you give to your parks, your parks give back! At Magnolia Park and Community Garden, you can lease your own garden bed, but gardeners also volunteer in 14 community beds to grow fresh food to feed others. Last year, together, we donated over 1,000 pounds of community grown produce to Lowcountry Food Bank, One80 Place, and other local food pantries!
3. Because when you connect with your parks, you connect with nature! Parks provide vital green space in a fast-developing city like Charleston. In the parks you can discover new plants and vegetables, flowers, animals, and insects! At Tiedemann Park and Nature Center, you can find hummingbirds and butterflies flitting around the colorful Swamp Hibiscus and Firespikes the Conservancy planted last year. Parks offer spaces within urban settings for you to connect with the natural habitats and wildlife that share this wonderful city with us!
4. Because you can party in your parks! Charleston’s parks are spaces for exciting events for locals and tourists alike. With fresh air, open spaces, and beautiful views, our parks are our party spots. Marion Square, Brittlebank Park, and Hampton Park are all popular venues for events like Piccolo Spoleto Festival, Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, weddings, and multiple music and beer festivals every year. Cheers!
5. Because parks keep you in shape! Parks provide us with the opportunity to work out and to stay healthy. There are many great parks in Charleston where you can play in recreational teams or work out individually. On a beautiful day, you can bike the West Ashley Greenway, run down to White Point Garden, or play basketball at Moultrie Playground!
6. Because you can learn in your parks! Students of all ages continue to learn in their parks and through the Conservancy’s educational programming. Join one of our free community gardening classes! Become a Park Angel and learn from expert horticulturists how to care for your favorite plants. Uncover your parks’ past lives — many of Charleston’s parks, like Colonial Lake, are hundreds of years old and have rich histories. Parks helps keep active minds in motion!
7. Because parks can make you happy! Spending time in the parks can improve your mood, reduce stress, and impart a sense of wellness. In the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, it’s important to find relaxation and peacefulness while enjoying nature, recreation, and fresh air! It’s no wonder our Park Angel Volunteers are the happiest people around!

Our parks give us so much!

Please show them some love and give back on Lowcountry Giving Day.
Help the Conservancy to double your green and raise $110,000 for your parks on May 5th!


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