If the Glove Fits …

A gardening glove is a gardening glove is a gardening glove, right? Well, not quite. A large part of your decision is based on what you’ll be doing in the garden.

For example, if you’re pruning roses or something else thorny, you might opt for gloves that extend past the wrist to give your arms a little more protection. If you’re going to be on the other end of a shovel or rake all day, you might want a glove with a little protective padding. Building some raised vegetable beds or hauling stone to the backyard? Leather – think cowboy style – may be a good choice. Also, breathable material and something easy to clean are part of the qualities to consider.

Some of the choice, of course, comes down to personal preference. Bionic Gloves offer a sort of “second skin” feeling. Ethel Gloves are made specifically for women. Katz Garden Gloves has links to dozens of different types of gloves.

This article from Southern Living offers suggestions for gloves for every task from annual planting to mulching.

We want to know: how many pairs of gardening gloves do you have and what’s your favorite brand/style?

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