Ideas for Outside Fun

We are continually looking for ways to encourage children to get outside. It’s important they learn about and explore nature while also developing active – and thus healthy – habits. The summertime is perfect for getting your kids plugged into nature. Here are a few of our ideas, and we’d love to hear how you and your family are spending time outside:
– Great American Backyard Campout on June 23. What’s better than a tent, some s’mores and ghost stories in your own backyard? Added bonus: free entertainment!
– Nature scavenger hunt. Give your kids a list of items to find and then go on a hunt through your neighborhood or a local park. You also can take the pirate approach and create a treasure map. Hide a “treasure” of little goodies and head off on an adventure.
– Kids naturally love running, jumping and climbing so create a mini-obstacle course or use a playground to create a competition with prizes like popsicles or frozen yogurt.
– Start a family garden. Even growing a tomato plant or a few herbs in pots on the back porch is a good start. Your kids will begin to understand where food really comes from (not the grocery store!) and you’ll begin to foster healthy eating habits.
– Join the Conservancy for an Educate You class. We continue to grow and expand our class offerings, particularly for children. Check out our calendar of events for our classes on learning to crab, cast netting or volunteer to work in a park with us during a Garden in the Parks event (suitable for children 12 and up).

And, of course, you can enjoy one of the dozens of parks and green spaces around Charleston. If you haven’t been by Corrine Jones Park, stop by and check out the new playground equipment we installed a few months ago.

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