I Was Doing a Spring Tease- Correct, not a Strip Tease

With the gorgeous weather that we’ve had this past week, I was finally was able to get out in my yard to cut back all of the brown stalks, mush, and dead twigs that were driving me crazy. I was out doing a spring tease!

However, I should not be fooled. Every year it’s really cold at oyster roasts and outdoor events at the end of February. In the next couple of months it will become evident what survived our recent freezing temperatures. When it’s this warm I figure the plants are really confused and am always scared that any new growth that pops out will be killed by the next round of cold weather. In the meantime, just a little bit of yard work made it very clear that I either need to have my loppers and pruning sheers sharpened or get new ones. I am looking for advice on where to go to have gardening tools / blades sharpened—please send me your recommendations so I will be ready. Hope springs eternal!

If anyone is interested in serving on the planning committee for the Teddy Bear Picnic, please get in touch with Paul or me. We will give you all the details for the next meeting in February.

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