‘I Do’ in a Charleston Park

When all the conditions are just right, outdoor weddings can be amazing – sunsets, blue skies with puffy white clouds, all the colors of nature. In Charleston, especially, we have plenty of spots for some pretty incredible outdoor weddings.

While people might tend to think of a beach wedding first, don’t discount Charleston’s parks as a setting for the big day.

Why get married in a park?

1. Particularly in a smaller park, the setting is an intimate as the bride and groom’s kiss.

2. Save money on décor. Parks come naturally decorated with flowers, greenery and mood lighting.

3. Declare your love to the world! You can’t do better than a public park as a way to express your love to everyone who happens to walk by.

4. Be different. Not too many couples get married in a park so show your originality.

5. Help others see the resource that is a local park.

Continue to watch this blog for more information about getting married in parks, including photos, ceremony ideas and details about city regulations and permits for park weddings.

Did you get married in a park? We’d love to hear your story!

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