How Local Can You Go? Eating Local in Charleston

There’s something incredibly satisfying about eating a plate of vegetables that came from the farm down the road, the market around the corner or straight from your own backyard. This month Lowcountry Local First is putting the spotlight on eating local, challenging everyone to commit to local eating habits.

Lowcountry Local First has issued a challenge for consumers to set some local goals – buying 10% more local food, eating at restaurants that use local food or learning to grow some of your own vegetables. Quite frankly, it’s a challenge we should be able to keep quite easily.
– When it comes to eating out, Charleston restaurants do a great job of buying locally sourced foods – whether that’s fruits and vegetables or seafood. Lowcountry Local First has a list of restaurants joining in the challenge by offering at least one locally sourced dish this month (many do much more). Those dishes must consist of 75% local sources within a 220-mile radius.
– Grow Food Carolina, a local food warehouse working with farmers and restaurants, also has a great list of restaurants committed to using local foods.
– The Charleston Farmers Market opens April 13 with dozens of local farmers, artisans and food vendors – making shopping local easy and fun.
– Learn more about the local farming community at some of this month’s events hosted by Lowcountry Local First.
– And be sure to stay connected to our website as we offer regular classes on vegetable gardening for beginners. We also regularly blog about what’s in season and tips for shopping at the farmers markets.

Let’s hear about how you’re eating local in Charleston. On Twitter and Instagram use #eatlocalchs or share with us on our Facebook page (we love seeing photos of the food you’ve grown!).

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