Go Green for the Holidays

So many of us spend the entire year trying to lessen our impact on the environment only to find some of our efforts thwarted by the consumerism of the holidays. But this is a perfect time of year to keep your sustainable spirit alive and celebrate a green Christmas (we can’t really have a white Christmas in Charleston anyway, right?).
– Shop locally. Lowcountry Local First is promoting Buy Local Month, so get on board and support local businesses. Not only are you keeping more money in the local economy, but you’re cutting down on pollution due to shipping.
– Put a wrap on the wrapping paper. Look for green ways to wrap up your gifts – newspaper, brown paper bags or burlap. Use gift bags, which can be reused by the recipient, or put your gifts in reusable grocery bags for two gifts in one.
– Instead of a bouquet of flowers, give a plant that can be enjoyed year-round.
– Make a donation to a local nonprofit organization for a gift that keeps on giving (hey, we’re a good cause!).
– Shop for items that don’t have a lot of packaging. Children’s toys are the worst for having a ton of plastic and cardboard packaging that ends up in the garbage. At least recycle what you can if you end up with some of those items.

Let’s hear your tips for a great green holiday!

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