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Help preserve and sustain our city’s parks and green spaces.

Donate Today

More than ever, we know the important role our parks play in bringing people together. They provide us with a respite from everyday stress, a place to exercise safely, and a gathering place to make family memories.
Please donate today to support your parks and enable us to continue our mission of connecting people with their parks.

Become a Perennial Donor

Join our most loyal and enthusiastic group of supporters by making a gift of $500 or more to support our parks. Your annual gift will help us continue to keep our green spaces vibrant and thriving, sustaining our high quality of life and making a lasting investment in the community.

The Perennials are steadfast sustainers of the Charleston Parks Conservancy’s work. Their generous annual support ensures our parks are maintained and managed to the highest level of horticultural care year-round and that programming and community outreach continue to thrive.

Join the Perennials with your donation of $500 or more.

Dedicate a park bench to honor or memorialize a loved one or a significant life event.

Bench Donor

The Charleston Parks Conservancy and the City of Charleston have established a commemorative bench program in the City of Charleston parks and greenspaces. Individuals or organizations who wish to celebrate weddings or birthdays, remember or honor a loved one, or mark other special occasions like retirement, are able to do so in their choice of parks. The commemorative bench program makes it possible to install additional park benches throughout the city’s park system. Funds are also used for park maintenance, horticultural care, and landscape restoration. With these funds, Charleston parks are more enjoyable, more accommodating, and more sustainable for years to come.

Charleston’s city parks are designated as Iconic, Hallmark, or Neighborhood. A park’s location, features, and amenities are factors in determining the park’s designation, and bench dedications are priced differently based on that designation. Bench dedications include the fabrication and installation of a personalized brass name plaque and the bench dedication lasts for 10 years.

Give to our Supply Wishlist

For our team to continue to create stunning and connecting the people of Charleston to their parks, consider donating to our supplies within our wishlist.

Ranging from everyday items such as trimmers to other needs as trailers and vehicles, take a look to donate in any range that you can.

Contribute to our horticultural and program supply needs today.

If you have any questions regarding giving opportunities, please contact our Director of Development, Stephanie Lee.