Give Thanks for Your Parks

Here in Charleston we’re so fortunate to have an abundance of amazing parks and green spaces. Some are large public spaces for events like Marion Square; others are picturesque backgrounds for photos like Waterfront Park; and others are quiet out-of-the-way spaces to unwind like Chapel Street Fountain Park.

So, this week we share why we are so thankful for our parks:
– Parks keep us healthy by providing safe and beautiful places to jog, walk the dog or push a baby stroller.
– Parks are the backdrops for memories – engagements, weddings, tossing a ball with the kids or just quietly holding hands on a bench.
– Parks promote learning. They are great spaces to kick back with a good book or to serve as the setting for a cultural event.
– Parks are good for the environment. With their flowers, trees and habitats for bugs and birds, parks are both literally and figuratively green.
– Parks can teach us about the benefits of flower and vegetable gardens both in our own home gardens and as a community.

Now, it’s your turn. Tell us why you are thankful for parks. We’ll randomly pick one person to receive a Parks Conservancy water bottle. So chime in!

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