Girl Power Saves the Day at Elliotborough Park

Girl power ushered in the latest floral planting at Elliotborough Park last week. This group of neighborhood girls just happened to be hanging in the park when Paul and I were getting ready for the Double Dig event that evening. Time came to plant and they looked like they had plenty of energy to do the job. And so they did! Within an hour we had both beds planted and looking fantastic. Each budding gardener had their own special way of planting. We gave initial instruction and then reminded them as the planting continued. I have to admit, I had a blast. They were so much fun to be around and really seemed to have a good time. Of the group, maybe one had ever planted anything before.

The excitement was visible in their flittering about the garden talking about what they had done and who they were going to grab to see it. Before we had gone home, several of their mothers were pulled over into the park to see the new flowers. Ownership is going to be one of the keys to the gardens success. Now we need to teach a few of them to water!

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