Get Behind Green Week

It’s pretty much always a green week here at the Conservancy. You just can’t get more green than parks, but this week we join in the official celebration of National Green Week established by the Green Education Foundation.

The foundation is focused primarily on schools and youth (but we can all use a little more green education, right?). Starting with our children is key; they learn green principles at an early age and will continue those throughout their lifetime.

One of the efforts the Conservancy can really get behind is something called the Green Thumb Challenge. Between Feb. 1 and Aug. 31, 2011, the Green Education Foundation is asking schools and youth groups across the nation to plant 10,000 gardens. This would be the biggest youth gardening initiative ever.

The Green Thumb Challenge has a number of benefits, including teaching children about plants and giving them an opportunity to truly appreciate nature. It’s also a great way to teach children about healthy eating by letting them grow their own vegetable garden. With childhood obesity rising dramatically, lessons on eating what you grow are invaluable.

The Green Thumb Challenge website is filled with ideas, whether you’re a teacher looking for curriculum resources or a Scouts leader in need of project suggestions.

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