Gather Your BFFs for a Celebration

OK, listen up, ladies, September is International Women’s Friendship Month and we have some great ideas for how you can celebrate (all park- and plant-related, of course).

– Take a plant that’s easy to divide and pot the off-shoots for your best friends. Something like a spider plant or jade works well and is easy to maintain for friends who might be gardening-challenged. Every time they look at the plant on their desk, they’ll think of you and the circle of friends.
– Pack at picnic and head to a park for an afternoon of food and laughter. Pick a park like Hampton or Marion Square where you can gather a large group, giggle and not have neighbors report you for disturbing the peace.
– Take a gardening class. On Sept. 24, we’re offering a Vegetable Gardening for Beginners Class so gather your friends and learn how to start a veggie and herb garden. Just think of all the vegetables and herbs you can share and the tasty potluck dinners you can have.
– Send a surprise bouquet to your best friend, sister or mom. It’s tough not to brighten someone’s day with a vase of pink roses (which mean friendship), pink tulips (which mean caring) and pink carnations (which mean gratitude). Or send a big bunch of zinnias, which mean “thoughts of friends.”

How are you marking International Women’s Friendship Month? Share your ideas!

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