Gardening Goes High-Tech

Like most things in our lives even our garden can go high-tech. From the initial design to the daily maintenance, you can make use of technology to keep your garden looking great all year long. Here are some favorite tools:

– Better Homes and Gardens’ website has this nifty garden planner (registration required) so you can lay out your garden with the right dimensions and drop and drop amenities like tables and chairs, planters and walkways. Then, email it to a friend for a second opinion.
– Try (free 30-day trial) if you need help remembering to water and fertilize your plants or to maintain an online journal of your gardening ideas, photos, success and even your failures.
– (pictured) is a free online calendar where you can log daily entries about your garden.
– is both online journal and gardening social network where you can post questions and share advice with fellow gardeners.

What online tools have you tried? Share your favorite with us and let us know how high-tech gardening has improved your plants.

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