Garden at Etiwan-Alive and Vibrant

Since it’s planting in late June of this year, the pocket garden at Etiwan Park on Daniel Island has been bubbling with blooms as it welcomes park-goers at one of the main entrances along Etiwan Park Drive. The space is planted full of shrubs and perennials with extremely long blooming periods that carry the colorfulness of the garden from March-January! What was once just green grass, has been transformed into a playground for birds, bees and butterflies by these plantings. Shades of pinks, oranges, purples and yellows dominate the color scheme and provide visitors with something new to enjoy in this already beautiful park.

Some of the plants in the beds include: Knockout Roses (Rosa x ‘knockout), Beautyberry (Callicarpa americana), Cupheas (Cuphea ignea), Aloes (Aloe saponaria), Crinum Lilies (Crinum- ‘Stars & Stripes’), Sweetgrass (Muhlenbergia capillaris) and Lantana.

For those of you who do not get out to Daniel Island too often, I have included a few pictures of the garden earlier this fall. Enjoy!

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