Frost Team Has Been Hard at Work this Winter

This winter we launched a volunteer program called the Frost Team in which our Park Angel volunteers stood at the ready to head to the parks after an overnight freeze to help our staff prune the frost-bitten plants and shrubs. Thanks to an especially cold and icy winter here in the Lowcountry, we’ve given our Frost Team a real workout! But the Frost Team hasn’t been deterred. These dedicated volunteers have simply bundled up and headed to the parks.

We give a big thanks to the following Frost Team regulars for stepping in to help our staff horticulturists Kellen Goodell and Paul Wentz: Debbie Austin, Jenny Bevan, Melissa Garvan, Kathleen Gunning, Sissy Hewitt, Fran Hummel, Julie Morrow, Sam Maclaughlin Olivier and Pat Rone.

Here are some photos of the Frost Team hard at work.

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