First Signs of Spring

What a difference a few weeks make. The photo below was taken on a morning in mid January at Brittlebank. We were pruning back perennials and preparing to plant about 2,000 Daffodils.

On the morning of January 14, Park Angels and volunteers from the Charleston Riverdogs organization helped plant all the bulbs. It might have been freezing that morning, but once we got started, we all worked together and got the bulbs in the ground in no time.

Now March has arrived and so have the Daffodil blooms! This picture taken March 1 shows most of the foliage up and just some of the flowers about to bloom.

The Daffodil we chose to plant is one called Gigantic Star and it does not disappoint. The flower is huge and has a slight vanilla like fragrance when you get right up to the bed to see them. They are a naturalizing Daffodil for the South, so next year, they should come back even stronger.

Be sure to check out the entire Daffodil display at Brittlebank Park, but you will have to hurry….they are now at their peak and most impressive!

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