February Park of the Month: Logan Street Triangle Park

If you are looking for an urban oasis, Logan Street Triangle Park is the perfect place. Located across the street from Memminger Auditorium on Beaufain Street, this colorful pocket park offers beauty and tranquility year round.

Take a moment this weekend to stop and smell the flowers at [Logan Street Triangle Park](https://www.charlestonparksconservancy.org/park/logan-st-triangle-park)! This park is glistening with beautiful hues of gold and yellow, thanks to hundreds of blooming daffodils. Narcissus ‘Ice Follies’ are early-spring blooming daffodils with rich yellow cups surrounded by crisp white petals. Currently, the ‘Ice Follies’ at Logan Park are providing spectacular drifts of shimmering color with a light fragrance. *([Daffodil Fun Fact](https://funflowerfacts.com/2014/12/05/flower-fun-narcissus/): Did you know? Daffodils symbolize new beginnings and unrequited love! A gift of daffodils is said to ensure happiness, but be sure to always present daffodils in a bunch—the same legends that associate this cheerful flower with good fortune warn us that when given as a single bloom, a daffodil can foretell misfortune…)*

Before 2013, [Logan Street Triangle Park](https://www.charlestonparksconservancy.org/park/logan-st-triangle-park) could be described as a scruffy triangle median in downtown Charleston. However, thanks to the dedication and support of the [Rotary Club of Charleston – Breakfast](https://rotarycharlestonbreakfast.org/), the City of Charleston, Park Angels, and [Rotary Club](http://www.charleston-rotary.org/) members, the Conservancy has planted new life in this public park, completely transforming it into the perfect spot to enjoy your morning coffee. Locals love Logan Street Triangle Park’s trees and benches, which offer a place for repose in the heart of downtown Charleston. This pocket park is beautiful in every season, with a wide array of floral displays.

The renovation of [Logan Street Triangle Park](https://www.charlestonparksconservancy.org/park/logan-st-triangle-park) is a wonderful example of what can be accomplished when the Conservancy, the City of Charleston, and civic groups work together to create a beautiful space in even the smallest of parks. The Conservancy, with the help of the Rotary Charleston – Breakfast and our [Park Angels,](https://www.charlestonparksconservancy.org/volunteer) continues to care for and maintain Logan Street Park through our [Garden in the Parks program](https://www.charlestonparksconservancy.org/programs). For more information about this park, click [here](https://www.charlestonparksconservancy.org/park/logan-st-triangle-park).

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