Excitement for the Dig

I’m really excited about the plantings the Conservancy and Park Angels will jump into at this week’s Double Dig Planting Event. This is our second year and we expanded from two to five park gardens this year. I get the honor of ordering the plants going into these new areas and we have some really cool things going in. A new one being added to the repertoire is a Phlox called Grape Lolly-pop. You can see more about this plant from an old blog post of mine entitled, “Phlox Exeeds Expectations.”

As with all our plantings, the focus is on 9 month color and plants that don’t require constant attention. Drought tolerance is always a consideration. Once the gardens are in place they will be cared for through the Garden in the Parks program through the Conservancy.

Do we need help? You betcha, and bring your friends. No experience needed but we certainly need the experienced gardeners as well. Come out and give us a hand. All hands are welcome!

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