Eating Local – All the Time

The Post and Courier ran an article this week about one local family’s commitment to eating local. They are choosing to eat only foods that are in season and grow some of their own vegetables. They have their own egg-producing chicken and joined a Community Supported Agriculture program.

Vegetable gardening grew 20 percent last year, continuing a trend of garden-to-table eating and spurring an interest in growing backyard gardens. While not everyone may commit to truly eating local, it’s not hard to commit to integrating as much local food into your menu as possible.

One way is through growing your own vegetables. You don’t have to have a huge plot of land or a lot of fancy equipment. But you do need to learn the basics, such as which vegetables grow in the summer and which grow in cool weather; how much sun and water your plants need; and how to harvest your crops.

The Conservancy is offering a series of gardening classes, Help for the Home Gardner, which will lay the foundation for your home gardening efforts. Learn about growing plants from seeds, starting a vegetable garden and tips for gardening in our Lowcountry climate.

Check out our events page for all the details and sign up online. Once you get your garden started, be sure to share your photos and update us on your progress.

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