Does Nature Blow Your Mind?

It’s probably an understatement to say nature is pretty amazing. From the first springtime buds on a tree to the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly to the way animals care for each other in the wild, the natural world is incredible.

That’s why we love this section of called “Nature Blows My Mind.” The area of the website is “dedicated to the things and events that make us say, “WHOA!!” with their amazing-ness.” Read about the science behind the Northern Lights, the flying abilities of hummingbirds, the multi-generation, 2,500-mile Monarch butterfly migration and much more.

Check it out and then let us know what about nature blows your mind. Even better: share with us on Facebook and/or on Twitter (use hashtag #natureblowsmymind to see what others are saying.)

For example, each January the Conservancy plants hundreds of daffodil bulbs and then in the spring, they emerge a sea of yellow giving us a temporary rush of color. It’s amazing.

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