December 2018 Park of the Month: Theodora Park

As the holiday season gets underway, Charleston’s parks are showing their festive side. One of those parks ready to light up Charleston is Theodora Park. Located on 94 Anson Street behind The Gaillard, Theodora Park is a hidden gem in downtown Charleston.

Each December the park is treated to an impressive display of colorful lights, which reflect the wonders of the season. “Our hope is to create a more magical space that is synchronous with the holiday,” said David Rawle, Park Steward of Theodora Park. “Given the size of the park, the display needs to be delicate, personal, and consistent with the character of the space. There is a beauty in its simplicity.”

Formerly known as Ansonborough Tot Lot, Theodora Park was renovated in 2015 and renamed in honor of David’s mother Theodora C. Rawle. Since it’s opening, the light display has become a celebrated tradition in the Ansonborough park. This year the holiday lights include laser lights and strings of multi-colored filament lights across the park’s handmade tiles and bluestone.

David says that he owes the success of the Theodora Park lights to Michael Rollins at Moonlight Landscape Lighting Systems. “His work at creating natural lighting effects for the park is top notch,” said David. The display works perfectly in highlighting what is already beautiful in the park so that it is welcoming to everyone.”

The lights at Theodora Park are said to receive hundreds of visitors during the holiday season and a few hundred more just from bikers and drivers admiring its charm. The Theodora Park Lights are open now from December to the beginning of January. Drop by today and catch a glimpse of the seasonal festivities.

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