Courtyard Garden at Gibbes Museum Gets New Plant Pallet

A group of 15 volunteers made up of the Woman’s Council of the Carolina Art Association and the Conservancy’s Park Angels planted a new garden located behind the [Gibbes Museum of Art]( The public space is the center point for the historic Gateway Walk, dedicated on April 10, 1930, to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the founding of Charleston.

The Gateway Walk was designed to carry visitors through four of the city’s oldest churchyards: St. Philips Episcopal church, Congregational Church, St. John’s Lutheran Church and Unitarian Church.

The garden is part of a cooporative relationship between the Gibbes Museum and the Charleston Parks Conservancy to enhance and improve upon the original plant pallet.

Thank You Park Angels and Women’s Council Volunteers for Your Help with the Planting!
– Karen Mathes (Park Angel #386)
– Emma Mathes
– Dottie Teetor
– Allura Henderson (Park Angel #180)
– Annette Wanick
– Dani Wentz (Park Angel #22)
– Sissy Ehrhardt (Park Angel #191)
– Joann Campbell
– Harriet Smartt
– Ginny Brush
– Henrietta White (Park Angel #306)
– Claire Eadon (Park Angel #58)
– Janie Miller (Park Angel #5)
– James Goshorn (Park Angel #380)
– Jackie Fleet (Park Angel #29)
– Holly Fisher (Park Angel #132)

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