Cool Off at These Charleston Parks

About this time of year in Charleston, we’re pretty quick to head to the beach to cool off or duck under the biggest oak tree where we can find some shade from the summer heat and humidity. Some of our Charleston parks offer a real respite from the heat so here’s our list of the top five parks where you can get cool.
1. __Waterfront Park__ is a favorite among visitors and locals alike. Situated in the heart of downtown overlooking the Charleston harbor this park soaks up the cool water breezes and is home to two fountains where you’ll find children (and some adults) splashing in the spray.
2. __Chapel Street Fountain__ is a small neighborhood park at the intersection of Chapel and Elizabeth streets in downtown Charleston. With a fountain, benches and plenty of tree cover, this park is shady and cool, making it the perfect escape from the heat of the day – or the heat of the office.
3. __Brittlebank Park__ sits on the bank of the Ashley River so it catches up the sea breeze, making it a pleasant park to visit even on the warmest of days. Plus, the playground equipment sits in the shade of a tree canopy.
4. __Plymouth Park__ is located in the scenic Riverland Terrace community on James Island. This shaded park is nestled on the Wappo Cut with views onto the water.
5. __ Melton Peter Demetre Park__ – formerly known as Sunrise Park – sits on the water and has access to a small beach area where you can cool off and catch a breathtaking summer sunset or sunrise.

Do you have a favorite park where you can cool off on a hot day?

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