Conservancy Celebrating Park Angels in February; Event Set for End of Month

CHARLESTON, S.C. – The Charleston Parks Conservancy is doing great work in Charleston’s city parks thanks to support from its volunteer core of Park Angels. Throughout February, the Conservancy is inviting more park lovers to get their wings and help beautify their local parks in the coming months.

Since its launch in 2008, more than 270 people have signed up to be Park Angels. Registration is free and Park Angels are invited to work in the parks, planting flowers and maintaining green spaces. For those who aren’t interested in putting on a pair of gardening gloves, there are opportunities to spread the word about the Conservancy at local events or simply share the organization’s mission with others.

“If you love your parks, you’re already a Park Angel. We just want to make it official,” says Jim Martin, executive director of the Conservancy. “We couldn’t keep up with all the terrific projects and initiatives we have without the help of our volunteers. As we celebrate our Park Angels this month, we hope even more people will join us because we have so many great projects and opportunities coming up this spring.”

Ways to get involved:

1. Register online to be a Park Angel.

2. Nominate your friends on Facebook to be Park Angels with a gift of wings.

3. Add wings to your Twitter profile during February. Then, when someone asks about your wings, you can tell them how great it is to be a Park Angel.

4. Invite friends and fellow park fans to become Park Angels

The Conservancy will celebrate its Park Angels with a social at the end of the month so all Park Angels can get to know one another and to welcome all new Park Angels. The event is from 2-4 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 28 at the grassy area near the Maritime Center 10 Wharfside St. in downtown Charleston. Angels can enjoy food, games and prizes while learning about the Conservancy’s upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

For more information or to sign up to be a Park Angel, visit

About the Charleston Parks Conservancy
Founded by businesswoman Darla Moore and headed by prominent horticulturalist Jim Martin, the Charleston Parks Conservancy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to further beautifying City of Charleston parks and green spaces. With the help of its Park Angels volunteer force, the Conservancy seeks to rally community support and pride behind the effort to create a lasting movement. For more information about or to support the Charleston Parks Conservancy, please visit  

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