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Do you know of a nearby park that would benefit from having new trees? Maybe your neighborhood street would benefit from the shade a tree provides. Is your school or local business looking empty?

We’re here to support community projects bringing trees to you and your neighborhood. Fill out our Tree Planting Proposal Form, and we will contact you!

Qualifying applicants must:

  • Be located within the City of Charleston.
  • Have the capacity to plant at least 15 trees during the project.
  • Commit to watering and caring for the trees after planting.

when does this take place?

The ideal time to plant trees in Charleston is between November and February. Most of our planting events and giveaways fall within those months to ensure the highest chance of tree survival.

About Our Trees

We offer small, medium, and large maturing varieties native or naturalized to this region.

Charleston Trees values biodiversity and works to prioritize tree survival rates and ecosystem health. Therefore, we cannot promise specific species requests for your community.

However, we always practice Right Tree and Right Place and will work with you on appropriate species for your community’s needs. The trees are 2-4 years old, potted in 3, 5, or 7-gallon containers, and are about 5 to 10 feet tall at planting.

Post-Planting Care

Once a community/organization receives trees through our Charleston Trees program, they are responsible for the trees’ long-term care. Please consider the following before applying:

  • Water: Our trees need about 5 gallons of water per week during hot, dry months (April-October). Communities will need to keep this cost of watering in mind.
  • Mulch: The Charleston Parks Conservancy will provide mulch for all projects at the time of planting. However, we strongly encourage the continued use of mulch throughout a tree’s life. You can use hardwood chips, pine needles, or the leaves that fall in autumn.
  • Pruning: Pruning trees, when young, will reduce their chances of developing problems as they age. Learn about pruning young trees here! Our team can come to your community one year after planting to hold a complimentary Tree Care workshop. Contact dandrews@charlestonparksconservancy.org.

Street Trees- if you are interested in planting a street tree, visit the City of Charleston’s Parks Department.

If you see a need for trees in a park or along a greenway, please continue to fill out the application. However, the Charleston Parks Conservancy will first need approval from the City of Charleston Parks Department to plant in these spaces, so please keep that in mind as we work with you.

Once you apply, we will be in touch to talk more about the program and schedule a meeting with you and your community team. If all parties agree to move forward, we will work with you to create a planting plan and discuss the next steps.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Robert McCombs at rmccombs@charlestonparksconservancy.org.