Community Garden at Elliotborough Perks up with the help of Starbucks Volunteers

The early morning work hours were nothing new to this group of local [Starbucks]( employees who volunteered for two days of “Spring Cleaning” in the Community Garden at [Elliotborough Park]( Community garden leader Claire Xidis coordinated the efforts to bring the volunteers to the garden and the Parks Conservancy provided the tools for all the work and the compost for the garden.

Some of the volunteers accomplishments include creating a wildflower bed along the fence near the Crosstown, building and planting a new Melon Patch for Summer and preparing the soil with compost and planting 3 more Community and Donation Beds. In addition to all of this, they also harvested bushels of early Spring vegetables and delivered them to a local shelter. The volunteers also brought over 100 pounds of coffee grounds to add to the compost pile at the garden.

Projects that once seemed like a huge undertaking were done in mere hours. That’s what happens when good people do great things for their community and have a blast while they do it!

Check out the park for the final product and track the progress all Summer long.

Gardening at Elliotborough gets the Thumbs Up from these enthusiastic volunteers!

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