Colonial Lake is Better Than Ever a Year After Renovations

Hardly a day goes by when someone doesn’t comment about how beautiful Colonial Lake is. Park goers regularly stop and ask questions of Park Angel volunteers or Kellen Goodell, the Conservancy horticulturist in charge of Colonial Lake. Kellen often takes time from the task at hand to answer questions about the plants in the park.

The Conservancy celebrated the opening of Colonial Lake a year ago with a public event highlighting the $5.9 million renovation. The park was closed for several months while the City of Charleston oversaw improvements to the water control system for the lake, sidewalks and repairs to the 140 year-old tabby seawall. The Conservancy was charge of adding some 20,000 plants and shrubs to the park’s newly designed gardens and greenspaces.

From the opening in June, the public was in awe of the lake’s transformation. Then, Hurricane Matthew hit in October. Matthew’s storm surge flooded the lake and surrounding streets, dousing plants with seawater. Thanks to the dedication and expertise of the Conservancy and its volunteer Park Angels, the damage to the park wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

In the days following the hurricane, the Conservancy cleaned up around the lake and also waited to see which plants would come back to life. Some did … and some didn’t. So this spring, the Conservancy’s volunteers got busy in the park, adding new plants and beginning general springtime maintenance. In June, more than 40 volunteers gathered for Weeds & Weenies to pull weeds in the park and then enjoy hot dogs and cold drinks.

Now, just a little over a year after that public celebration, the park is stunning once again. If you haven’t visited Colonial Lake lately, make plans to stop by! Also, check out this [virtual tour]( of the lake Kellen filmed in late April.

Want to help keep Colonial Lake looking so good? Become a Park Angel and volunteer at Colonial Lake. Garden in the Parks volunteer days are usually Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check the online calendar of events for specific dates and times.

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