Colonial Lake Fall Festival Succeeds

Brain Caldwell lives in the Colonial Lake neighborhood. In early September he called me, wanting to put together something for the fall, something for the whole family and at the same time focus some attention on the Colonial Lake renovation project.

Together with Kristin Walker and Vince Perna, the trio did just that and could not have picked the perfect weekend to do it.

It was a non-stop talk-a-thon for the CPC booth as locals wanted an update on progress for this community park project. The Post and Courier did a great write up on the progress of the Colonial Lake/Moultrie Playground renovation. It was exciting to see people’s energy for the issues surrounding the projects. As expected we had a few who didn’t want a blade of grass touched. There were people who acted like we just came up with this plan overnight and thought this was the first time the public had seen it. There were also a great many who were relieved to see that even in these interesting economic times, the CPC continues to chart this projects eminant reality.

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