Charlestonians Called On to Help Light Colonial Lake Christmas Tree

CHARLESTON, S.C. – This year, the Colonial Lake Christmas tree needs a little help to shine bright. The Charleston Parks Conservancy, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the city’s parks, has taken on the task of lighting the tree and needs the help of local residents to cover the costs.

The $3,500 needed will pay for a new structure with floating platform and steel pole along with new energy-efficient color LED lights and garland to make it more visible during the day. So the Conservancy is asking Charlestonians to donate to keep the tradition alive.

The Rotary Charleston – Breakfast Club has already pitched in $1,000 and will be designated the Star Sponsor.

According to records, the Colonial Lake tree was a Christmas tradition by 1940, although was most likely dark during World War II because of blackout regulations.

“Having grown up in Charleston, the Colonial Lake tree is a sign of Christmas,” says Mary Neves Richards, events director for the Conservancy. “By making a donation, it’s a way for the community to have a direct role in lighting the tree and making it just as magic today as it was 70 years ago.”

Donation boxes are available at Queen Street Grocery, 133 Queen St., and Burbage’s Grocery, 157 Broad St. Locals are also invited to make a donation online at (a minimum $10 donation is required for online giving).

For more information contact the Charleston Parks Conservancy’s Development Office at 843-724-5003.


About the Charleston Parks Conservancy
Headed by prominent horticulturalist Jim Martin, the Charleston Parks Conservancy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to further beautifying City of Charleston parks and green spaces. With the help of its Park Angels volunteer force, the Conservancy seeks to rally community support and pride behind the effort to create a lasting movement. For more information about or to support the Charleston Parks Conservancy, please visit

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