Charleston Parks Conservancy T-Shirt Gets National Exposure

CHARLESTON, S.C. – The Charleston Parks Conservancy will be getting plenty of national attention on Sunday when a Conservancy T-shirt is the focus of, a marketing phenomenon in which the company founder wears one business or organization’s T-shirt for a full day and promotes the organization online.

Beginning in 2009, company founder Jason Sadler began selling the upper half of his wardrobe. Each day of the year, he promotes the particular business or group with videos, photos, blog and Twitter posts. Sadler sold out 2009 and has just a few spots left in 2010.

This Sunday, Sadler will be promoting the Conservancy, giving the organization and the city of Charleston plenty of publicity.

Since its inception more than two years ago, the Conservancy has been heavily involved in social media with blogs, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as a way to reach Charleston area residents and promote the city’s local parks and green spaces.

“This was a natural fit for us,” Executive Director Jim Martin says. “We are already all over various social media channels, so this was just one more creative way to promote the organization and Charleston’s parks.”

The Conservancy soon will be launching an online store where visitors can purchase Conservancy T-shirts and other merchandise to show their love of local parks while supporting the organization’s mission.

About the Charleston Parks Conservancy
Founded by businesswoman Darla Moore and headed by prominent horticulturalist Jim Martin, the Charleston Parks Conservancy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to further beautifying City of Charleston parks and green spaces. With the help of its Park Angels volunteer force, the Conservancy seeks to rally community support and pride behind the effort to create a lasting movement.

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