Charleston Park Lovers are Connecting to the Parks

We’ve had a great time connecting people to Charleston parks with our Park Passport contest. Don’t worry, you can still participate in June for a chance to win a sweet park prize pack. Get all the details on the Park Passport, and then check out these awesome winners below:

Jordan Lanier (April winner) visited six parks in April. He said, “Thank you again for helping the parks and doing the park passport, it really was a great day out and about in the parks! Thank you folks for doing everything that you do with Charleston parks. We have so many wonderful parks for a small city, and without an organization like yours they almost certainly wouldn’t be up to their full potential. Even if one doesn’t stop and spend time in the parks, walking through downtown becomes so much more pleasing to the eye because of what you all do.”

Laura Carter (May winner) took her daughter out to explore some local parks. They visited some parks they’d never seen. She said, “I’d only been to Brittlebank and Marion Square before. I love the smaller parks, they are quiet and serene. My little one loved playing on the playgrounds. They were a lot of fun.”

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