Brown Bag it in the Park

Pop quiz: Do you eat lunch at your desk at least three times a week? If you answered “yes,” then it’s time to step away from the cubicle and head outdoors for the beginnings of fall fresh air. Worried about your pile of work? Well, here’s why you should eat your PB&J in a local park:

1. De-stress: 40 percent of workers report their job is very or extremely stressful. And we all know too much stress can lead to physical problems.

2. The work will be there when you get back so take a breather and tackle it with renewed vigor.

3. You can only stare at your computer for so many hours and not start to feel exhausted and unable to concentrate. Getting outside, taking a quick walk around a park and emptying your brain for a few minutes will lead to a more productive afternoon.

4. A change of scenery is great for brainstorming and thinking about a solution to a tricky business issue.

5. It’s cheaper than Starbucks. Sure, an afternoon caffeine boost might give you a $4 surge of energy, but why not save the money and let the great outdoors give you a natural high.

OK, now that we have that all settled. Here’s where you can go for lunch:

__Wragg Square:__ Tucked away in a quiet area of Meeting Street, this is a great park for a little peace and quiet.

__Brittlebank:__ This park has benches, picnic tables and calming views of the Ashley River. And if you’re feeling really refreshed, take a spin down the playground slide before heading back to the office.

__Sunrise Park __: A great spot to relieve some work-related stress or decompress after a marathon meeting.

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