Brittlebank Park Plant List

__Callicarpa americana____American Beautyberry__
– Deciduous, woody shrub. Like full sun to part shade, more fruit set in full sun. Not salt tolerant. Rich magenta berries in late summer and through fall, remaining on bare stems after leaves drop. Low maintenance plant that attracts birds.__Salvia greggii__ microphylla Maraschino’ – __Maraschino Bush Salvia__

– Soft, mounding shrub with small aromatic leaves and deep pink/red blooms from spring to frost. Like full sun and attracts hummingbirds.
__Erythrina herbacea____Native Coral Bean__
– Native semi-evergreen shrub with clumping, irregular growth. Rich red tubular flowers. Like full sun to part shade. Great to use to achieve a natural effect.
__Helianthus debilis__ – __Florida Dune Sun__
– Great rapid growing flowering groundcover. Flowers from spring until winter. Attracts butterflies. Like full sun.

__Oenethera drummondii__ __Beach Primrose__
– Native flowering ground cover. Pale yellow flowers April through fall. Like sandy soils and coastal dunes. Like full sun.

Muhlenbergia capillaris Muhly Grass, Sweet Grass 
– Native, fine textured ornamental grass with wispy, pink/purple blooms in the fall. Like full sun.
__Narcissus__ __’Gigantic Star’__ – __Gigantic Star Daffodil__
– Large-cup, naturalizing flowering bulb. Foliage in February with large, fragrant yellow flowers in March and April. One flower per stem. Like full sun.

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