Bring on the Bugs!

Whether they think they’re cool, creepy or somewhere in between, there’s no doubt kids are fascinated by bugs. And with their flowers, trees, shrubs and moist soil, our parks are terrific buggy habitats. We regularly uncover “gross!” and “cool!” bugs as we work in the ground that are magnets for kids.

The next time you and your little ones are at the park, insert an Insect 101 science lesson.
– Explain the transformation of a butterfly.
– Discuss why worms till the soil.
– Talk about the role of insects – food for other animals; bees to pollinate flowers.
– Stress the importance of protecting our environment.
– See how many different insects you can find at the park.

Next an Insect 101 update yourself? Check out National Geographic’s page on bugs. (Warning: big hairy spider photo may pop up.) Yahoo! Kids is a good resource for finding info on specific creepy crawlies. For fun bug facts, check out (like scorpions can live for a year without eating). And you’ll also enjoy Charleston Parks Conservancy Executive Director Jim Martin’s post on the ever-amazing Praying Mantis.

What’s the grossest bug you’ve ever come across? The most interesting?

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