Blooming at Ashley Hall School

My 11 year old daughter broke her foot this year and was in a cast with crutches most of the school year. What this means for mom is that rather than pick her up in the usually fast carpool line she needed me to walk into school to her second floor classroom to help her down the stairs and carry her book bag each day. It seemed like a hassle at first but I realized that on the positive side I got to walk through one of the schools beautiful garden areas. Not long after attending Park University I noticed and was impressed that the roses were being maintained by someone with a green thumb who was obviously properly trained because they seemed to be following the rules given to me by Jim for rose care to the letter. I finally caught the school nurse, Sallie Vee Zervos in action. She gave me a tour and told me about the Heritage Rose Trail. Although, I have not been able to find a map of the trail on line I would love to walk it, so if you know where I might find it please let me know. Thank you Sallie Vee for making our afternoon commutes much more enjoyable!

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