Beating the Bugs

Fireflies are fun to catch in the summer months. Ladybugs add some color to the garden. And even banana spiders – while we might not want one crawling on our arm – do make some decorative webs. But there are a few bugs we could simply do without. Public enemy No. 1 – particularly here in the South – is the mosquito.

They buzz our ears, snack on our skin and leave a trail of itchy red bites in their wake. And while our local municipalities do spray to keep mosquitoes at bay, you can take action as well.

Use repellants like bug sprays and citronella candles. You can try making your own organic mosquito repellant using apple cider vinegar and witch hazel. Here’s the recipe. Do you have any good recipes for organic repellant to share?

Take away their habitat. Mosquitoes love water and stagnant water is their favorite. So if you have a pool or decorative water feature in your yard, keep it moving with a fountain. Don’t leave buckets or other containers of water in your yard. And keep your swimming pool cleaned and chlorinated.
Here’s an article with additional tips for eliminating mosquitoes.

Gnats are also a common pain when trying to enjoy the great outdoors. This article has some good tips on ditching gnats, including using that same apple cider vinegar to lay a trap. Gnats love the smell so reel them in.

What are your best tips for keeping bugs at bay while trying to spend time outdoors this summer?

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