Aqua Angel: Diana Councell

This summer, a dedicated group of Parks Conservancy volunteers are braving the Charleston heat and humidity to keep our parks looking great. Each week they water the plants, inspect the beds and pick up litter. We call them our Aqua Angels and have crowned each with an H²O Halo! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting our Aqua Angels. And when you see them out in the parks, give them a big “thank you!”

Diana Councell is watering Hazel Parker Playground a couple of times each week.

__Why did you sign up to be an Aqua Angel?__

Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies. I had volunteered for a couple of months with the Friends of Hampton Park until the flowers for all of the parks were pretty much ready for the season, so I was looking for another “gardening” opportunity. I saw an advertisement in The Post and Courier for a biking event with (the Conservancy) and decided to participate – that was it! Volunteering for the Charleston parks gives me a great sense of accomplishment and pride. The beautiful parks were one of the factors that led me to move to Charleston, and I am proud to do anything I can to keep them beautiful for the residents and all of the visitors to our town to enjoy.

__Which Charleston park is your favorite and why?__

I think Hampton Park is my favorite – it’s a hidden gem and is amazing! There are so many sections and walking paths, and I know I still haven’t seen all of it.

__What’s your favorite summertime park activity or event?__

My favorite summertime park event is taking my dog for walks through the parks. It’s beautiful, relaxing, cooler temperatures and my dog loves meeting other dogs and rolling in the grass! I often bring a book and we both just veg out and people watch.

__Why should someone become a Park Angel and volunteer with the Conservancy?__

I believe that all citizens should do something – no matter what it is – to contribute to keeping our city beautiful. It could be picking up litter or volunteering. I think people often take the beauty of Charleston for granted and don’t realize the time and effort it takes to produce this and keep it going year-round.

*Interested in becoming an Aqua Angel? Contact our programs director Paul Wentz at *

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