Aqua Angel: Debbie Austin

This summer, a dedicated group of Parks Conservancy volunteers braved the Charleston heat and humidity to keep our parks looking great. Each week they water the plants, inspect the beds and pick up litter. We call them our Aqua Angels and have crowned each with an H²O Halo! Over the next few weeks, we’ve been highlighting our Aqua Angels. And when you see them out in the parks, give them a big “thank you!” This week read about Debbie Austin, who is watering Simonton Park.

__Why did you sign up to be an Aqua Angel?__

I have a vested interest in Simonton Park because I live in the Morris Square Townhomes and I like to see nice, well-kept gardens and parks.

__Which Charleston park is your favorite and why?__

I particularly like the small park on Chapel Street [Chapel Street Fountain Park].

__What’s your favorite summertime park activity or event?__

Hard to say we like so many and we especially like to just walk.

__Why should someone become a Park Angel and volunteer with the Conservancy?__

It’s excellent therapy and improves the area you live in. It also makes you feel good about giving back to the community.

*Interested in becoming an Aqua Angel? Contact our programs director Paul Wentz.*

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