April 2017 Park Angels of the Month: Martha and Charley McLendon

Charley and Martha McLendon are lifetime advocates of public parks and spaces. The McLendons have supported the Conservancy for many years through volunteering, donating, and now as founding Perennial members. Thank you, Martha and Charley, for being our Park Angels for the month of April! Read what Martha and Charley had to say about their involvement with the Conservancy and their take on the importance of being Perennials:

What is your fondest park memory? [Charley] “In Charleston, it’s my walks through our downtown parks and squares on my visits here eight years ago. Living in New Year City next to Central Park, it was running under the cherry blossoms around the reservoir.”

How did you first get involved in with the Conservancy? Former board member and volunteer Sandra Deering introduced them to the Conservancy with an invitation to visit Darla Moore’s farm in Lake City, S.C. It was inspiring, Charley says.

What’s your favorite Charleston park? Probably Colonial Lake now after its renovation. It’s a great loop to run down to the Battery, through White Point Garden and around Colonial Lake.

What made you continue to support the Conservancy by becoming a founding member of the Perennials? Recognizing that the incredible collaboration between our neighborhoods, our city and the Conservancy in renovating our parks is only the first step in creating and maintaining these beautiful shared open spaces for our community.

What does it mean to you to be a Perennial? “For me, being a Perennial means being a stakeholder in ensuring that these spaces are maintained and supported as critical shared assets of our community,” Charley says. “The thing I enjoy most about being a founding Perennial member is meeting people from Charleston and new arrivals that have a shared passion and interest in gardens, parks and their community.”

The Conservancy is also pleased to have Charley serving on our [board of directors](https://www.charlestonparksconservancy.org/board-member/charles-mclendon), as the chair of the Development Committee.

The [Perennials](https://www.charlestonparksconservancy.org/perennial) are the sustainers of the Charleston Parks Conservancy whose annual support ensures our parks will be maintained and managed to the highest level of horticultural care year after year. Much like the perennials we find and appreciate year-round in Charleston’s parks, Perennial members return each year to grow alongside the Conservancy.

Being a founding member of the Perennials means being a leader. Together, the Perennials rally support and catalyze action, all in support of the Conservancy’s efforts to create, expand, sustain, and reinvigorate Charleston’s urban parks.

In addition to helping sustain and cultivate stunning city parks, Perennials receive fantastic benefits year-round and enjoy the tremendous satisfaction of being a steward of Charleston’s most beautiful public spaces.

*To become a Perennial today or to learn more about the program, please contact: Austin Nelson at anelson@charlestonparksconservancy.org or (843) 724-5003. Your giving catalyzes the revitalization of Charleston’s urban parks and creates opportunities for community engagement through park programs.*

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