Allan Park Getting a Complete Renovation paadmin’s Avatar

The neighborhood surrounding Allan Park is on a mission to improve its local park. The community has pledged to raise $15,000 to give the park a facelift with renovated green spaces and an irrigation system upgrade. This effort comes just in time for the Hampton Park Terrace Centennial in 2012 with some great celebratory events in the works.

If you haven’t been to Allan Park, it’s not far from Hampton Park. Located at 365 Ashley Ave., it’s a small neighborhood park with a water fountain and park benches for a little afternoon R&R.

It may be small, but it’s been a city fixture for many years. In 1920 Amey Allan donated the land to the city of Charleston. Her late husband, James Allan, developed most of the eastern half of Hampton Park Terrace. Now, more than 90 years later, the community and Conservancy will work together on the park, including renovations and maintenance.

We would love to have your help bringing new life to this park. Make a donation and let’s get planting!

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