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Kellen Goodell

Special Projects Manager & Horticulturist


Kellen joined the Conservancy as a horticulturist in August of 2010 helping Horticulture staff in leading Park Angels and volunteer groups in the installation, management, and all things Gardening in the Parks. Since 2016, he has managed the daily and seasonal gardening at Colonial Lake. In 2021, he began leading the Horticulture program and the Conservancy’s full roster of gardens throughout the city. One of his favorite things about the Conservancy is the passionate people to learn from and educate each day, from fellow staff members to the dedicated volunteers and random passersby in our public spaces.

A Clearwater, FL native, Kellen is a graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture and Sustainable Agriculture. In 2009, he interned at Moore Farms in Lake City, SC, working in the botanical garden and 2-acre organic vegetable farm. He especially loves naturalistic gardens and the long growing season that we have in South Carolina. He also enjoys the daily challenges of offering botanical garden-quality horticulture with no operating hours or admission fees.

In his free time, Kellen enjoys talking with friends and family about plants and gardens, traveling, music, and always staying active.