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Amanda Slade

As Multifamily Asset Management & Development Analyst with the Beach Company, Amanda joined the Conservancy on the Board of Directors in 2023. After moving to Charleston in 2005 and seeing the tremendous growth and development of the city, she has become passionate about preserving our parks to preserve our history and memories in those spaces. Witnessing residents from varieties of backgrounds utilizing one of Charleston’s most active parks for exercising, family fun, relaxation, or socializing, she has seen the beauty in how parks and green spaces can provide a variety of different experiences for all who visit.

Recognizing that parks are an avenue to positively impact and support underserved communities, Amanda aims to help educate the community on the Conservancy’s initiatives to better Charleston. Creating a clean and safe park for neighbors to enjoy and engage one another is a conduit to help create a community.

While away from her work, she enjoys to spend time with family, friends, walking her two large dogs and being outdoors.